What Fuse’s Heirloom Could Look Like in Apex Legends

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September 29, 2021

Fuse is currently among seven legends who currently do not own an heirloom in Apex Legends. As with every legend, fans naturally try to guess what each legend’s heirloom will look like. Now it’s Fuse’s turn.

At the moment, there are eleven legends with heirlooms as Rampart became the newest to receive one. Now it’s only a matter of who will be the next legend to receive one, though no one truly knows.


For those who aren’t familiar, heirlooms are described as ‘unique cosmetic melee weapons’. Though they may appear to be dangerous, they offer no competitive advantage to an individual who has one. All heirlooms do the same amount of damage as the legends’ fists. Even though it offers no advantage, many players seek to get one as it looks good to play with.

Each heirloom can only be equipped by the specific legend that it was specifically designed for. Though they are based on the legends’ personalities, some of them are based on their stories as well. With Lifeline, her heirloom, Shock Sticks, resemble drumsticks as she used to be a drummer in a band.


Each heirloom may be purchased with an in-game currency known as heirloom shards. These can be found in Apex packs, however, they are quite rare. Unfortunately, these shards have a one in 500 chance of being founds. Though these packs cost US$1 each, to increase your chances, many tend to buy 500 packs which get expensive.



As mentioned, most heirlooms are based on the legends’ personalities or past lives, so it is only right that Fuse’s concept for his heirloom is grenade-based. Fuse is the explosive legend in Apex Legends, therefore something with a grenade or anything explosive would be perfect for him. This heirloom concept for Fuse has gone viral as many have not been able to stop talking about it.

Oftentimes, most concepts tend to be correct as before Bangalore’s heirloom was launched, many concepts were shared and were indeed accurate. Reddit user, delsigart shared the image of the concept to which many persons have been commenting on and agreeing with the concept thus far.

Even though this concept has not been confirmed or denied, there is little to no doubt that some parts of it could be true. We just have to wait and see.

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