What Happened Devs Lost Their Publisher After Insulting a Streamer Over His Review

What Happened Devs Lost Their Publisher After Insulting a Streamer Over His Review

A streamer found an image of himself insulted in What Happened, after criticizing the game during his stream.

Sourena Games, the publisher behind What Happened, revealed in a recent statement that they will end their collaboration with Genius Slackers, the development team, over their insulting action against Omid_Lennon, the streamer who has criticized the game during one of his latest streams.

Omid_Lennon, a streamer who reportedly had a small consulting role in the development process of What Happened, attempted to review the game in a recent stream of his, criticizing some of the major issues of the game in various sections. However, it seems the developers weren’t quite satisfied with the tone of his review as they reacted to him in an offending way.


In order to appreciate Lennon’s role in the development process of the game, people at Genius Slackers had already put an image of him at some point in the game, but soon after the end of Lennon’s stream, the image has been replaced by a new version that is directly addressing the streamer with an improper language written in Persian.

Only a few days later, the publisher behind What Happened reacted to the developer’s disrespectful action against the streamer. Sourena Games released an official statement to apologize the streamer and announce the end of their partnership with Genius Slackers. Despite an official apology from the publisher, Genius Slackers hasn’t reacted to the matter yet.

What Happened is a narrative-driven psychological horror game that was published a few weeks earlier as the debut project from Genius Slackers. The game follows the story of Stiles, a high-school student, who has been under a lot of pressure after facing a series of terrible events in his life, including his father’s death. While controlling the character in his horrifying nightmares, your mission is to avoid him from committing suicide.

What Happened is currently available for PC on Steam.