What Happened To Bloxburg On Roblox? Content Deleted Error Explained

Here's why Bloxburg isn't appearing in Roblox

April 4, 2021

It looks like players are having trouble accessing the popular Roblox game Bloxburg, here’s what happened to Bloxburg in Roblox.

The official Twitter account for Bloxburg recently announced the game was going completely free-to-play, but this was indeed an April Fool’s prank. Many fans weren’t happy about the fake news, and the developer responded stating that if the game ever did go free-to-play then players wouldn’t receive a refund.

What Is Bloxburg In Roblox?

Bloxburg is a fictional city that serves as the primary location in the popular game mode known as ‘Welcome To Bloxburg’. There’s a whole host of locations for players to visit in the map, from ice cream stands, to hair studios, and even caves. The list goes on and on for the amount of locations you can visit in Bloxburg.

If you want to play Bloxburg in Roblox, you’ll need to pay 25 Robux for early access as the game is still currently in Beta. But once you’ve purchased access to the game, you’re free to build your own home, work, or just hang out with friends.

Latest Bloxburg Version

The Bloxburg game mode is currently in Version 0.9.6, you can find the latest patch notes below:

  • Added scale tool and ability to resize some objects with Advanced Placing gamepass.
  • Added ability to open/close shutters.
  • Added new ceiling lights and chandeliers.
  • Added placeable basic shapes.
  • Major bug fixes.

What Happened To Bloxburg In Roblox?

So, why has the Welcome to Bloxburg game mode suddenly disappeared?

The popular game hasn’t been deleted, but for some reason the game is appearing as [content deleted] for many players. You don’t need to worry though, as it appears to simply be a visual glitch.

You can still play the Bloxburg game mode by heading to Coeptus’ (the developer) profile and clicking creations. The Welcome to Bloxburg game mode will appear as [Content Deleted], but you should still be able to click the play button and go on as normal.

Hopefully this annoying glitch is fixed soon!

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