What Happened to Chrissy in Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 1?

Vecna is here.

May 27, 2022

The premiere episode of Stranger Things Season 4, titled “The Hellfire Club,” introduced us to several new characters, including Chrissy Cunningham. In the show, Chrissy is portrayed as a sweet, caring, and compassionate person. In fact, we start liking this new character after seeing her interaction with Eddie Munson.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4’s premiere episode.

Chrissy, the cheerleader for Hawkins High’s basketball team, undoubtedly had a promising future. Several fans thought that she would eventually become a part of the gang; however, the Duffer Brothers had something else in mind for the character. In the first episode, we see that Chrissy has been getting strange visions in which she hears a voice calling her name. Of course, we know that it’s Vecna who is haunting Chrissy, but the show doesn’t confirm it until the end of the episode.

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Stranger Things Season 4 Introduces Chrissy, Only to Kill Her Off in the Premiere Episode

Chrissy doesn’t want to tell anyone about her nightmares, even though Max tries to confront her at school. That’s maybe because she doesn’t want to become another “freak” for the people of Hawkins. Anyway, Chrissy starts looking for drugs to overcome her fear, and that’s when she interacts with Eddie.

At first, Eddie offers Chrissy his standard stuff, but she asks for something more robust. So, later that day, Eddie takes Chrissy home while Max watches them from a distance. Eddie starts looking for what Chrissy has asked for, but unfortunately, Chrissy then gets possessed by Vecna. It’s almost like Chrissy’s body is in Eddie’s trailer, but her consciousness is somewhere else. She finds herself in a darker version of her house in Hawkins, where she sees a twisted version of her parents. So, it’s evident that Chrissy, at that point, was in the Upside Down, where Vecna is catching up to her.

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Chrissy tries to run away from Vecna, but the devil doesn’t let her get away. Eddie, on the other hand, tries to wake Chrissy up, thinking that she is having some sort of stroke.

Vecna then tells Chrissy that her suffering will soon end, and then he possesses Chrissy’s body and kills her in the most brutal manner. Unfortunately, Eddie had to watch Chrissy’s mind and body getting shattered like how Joyce shatters the doll she receives from Russia.

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