What If: Shattered Dimensions 2

February 12, 2011

Rumors have come in that Activision and Beenox are working on a new Spider-Man game, and it might be a sequel to Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. That game saw players going through four different Spider-Man comics universes; “regular” Earth 616, Ultimate, Noir and 2099. The biggest question raised by these recent rumors is easily “what universes are left?”

I’m a big comic book fan, and I’ve always held a soft spot for Spider-Man. So let’s take a look at what some of the possibilities could include.

If you ask comic book fans which Spider-Man universe was most criminally neglected in Shattered Dimensions, their answer is almost universally going to be the Marvel Zombies version. A zombie virus has infected the Marvel world, and while it is affecting everybody mutant and human alike, the mutants obviously have certain advantages over the rest of the people and become the dominant zombies.
If this followed the storyline of the first Marvel Zombies run, it could work out very well.


The first Marvel Zombies comic run has Galactus trying to take over, as he is wont to do; although with considerably different results than usual. If the game followed this as the main storyline, there’s plenty of time travel and alternate dimensions that could explain why Spider-Man has to go to other dimensions.

FF (formerly The Fantastic Four)

If you don’t keep up with comics, let me keep this brief. The Human Torch is dead, The Fantastic Four are changing their name to “The FF” and Spider-Man is joining their ranks. He’s also rocking this new suit that I personally think is pretty sweet.

This could efficiently replace the Earth 616 Spider-Man, if they chose to do that; or at the very least make a good alternate costume for it.

The Exiles (The Spider)

There’s a series called The Exiles which involves inter-dimensional travel, which would make it perfect for a game about..well..inter-dimensional travel. This version is called The Spider, and has Peter Parker bonded with Carnage and is a member of Weapon X.

It’s not terribly different from appearance to the original, but gives some symbiote love which is always good for the fans. Plus this guy’s a psychopath, and that’s always fun.


Spider-Girl is Spider-Man’s daughter May, all grown up! She originated in a “What If” comic, and then went on to receive her own book which became the longest running female-superhero book ever published by Marvel. This all takes place in an alternate look at the future where Peter has retired and May has taken up his mantle.

May has most of the same powers as Peter, though she’s not as strong she is more agile.


Technically none of these characters is Spider-Man; at least not anymore. But during the Identity Crisis mini-series, Spider-Man took up each of these four suits as he was accused of murder with a bounty on his head. Wearing his Spidey suit was out, so he tried each of these out. Each one got discarded and eventually made it into the hands of four teenagers who were inspired by him. The series didn’t do very well, but I kind of liked it.

Marvel Apes

This is an interesting version in that the title gives away the entire alternate reality’s premise. It’s Marvel heroes, if they were apes. It’s surprisingly pretty decent, and in this version Spider-Man is now Spider-Monkey. Not surprisingly, he’s a spider monkey.


Spider-Ham was born a spider, and transformed into an anthropomorphic pig-person by the scientist May Porker. He adopted her last name, and found out that he still had his spider powers. So yeah; this one’s a little silly. But he’s a classic and the fans love him!

Baman & Piderman is a fantastic web series by Mondo, and I can’t think of a single incarnation of Spider-Man that would be more incredible than if they managed to include this one. Pider-Man uses his web powers to lazily slop from destination to destination, and is best friends with Baman, a Pumpkin and a Tuba. If you haven’t seen this web series, please do yourself a favor and do so now.
I would absolutely flip out if this were included. It’s very unlikely to happen, but even a passing reference (hell even an achievement/trophy nod) would be nice. Listen up Activision.

As you can see there are a lot of different dimensions and incarnations of Spider-Man. I didn’t even touch on some of the more bizarre ones yet! I think Shattered Dimensions was a great idea and performed well enough to merit a sequel. Any number of these would make a great addition to the game, even as an alternate costume or an achievement nod for some of the more bizarre ones.

I left out plenty of versions of Spider-Man, what’s a favorite of yours that you’d like to see included?

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