What I'm Not Playing This Week: Hardcore Parkour!

If you’ve been following the news lately, there’s been a lot of coverage for Splash Damage’s game Brink. The first person shooter has had a considerable amount of buzz surrounding it since PAX East, with many hailing it to be the next great multiplayer experience on both consoles and PC.

And I’ll probably wait until a Steam sale to purchase it.

I’ve absolutely loved everything I’ve heard and seen about Brink. People have been equating it to an FPS that mixes the class-based arcade shooter elements of Team Fortress 2 with the smooth flowing parkour mechanics of Mirror’s Edge. Hey, I like arcadey shooters, and I love Team Fortress 2. Parkour, I absolutely adore, as it’s the best “looks amazing when done by professionals but ridiculously laughable when attempted by normal folk” sport I’ve encountered.

Here’s the thing though; in just a week after Brink comes out, Rockstar’s latest masterpiece LA Noire is dropping. Bethesda tried to avoid that behemoth by releasing Brink a week earlier, but it still might not be enough. Beyond the fact that I simply won’t have enough money to purchase both titles, I absolutely know that once LA Noire comes around, I’ll completely ditch Brink like an overweight redheaded stepchild with leprosy. Additionally, Brink seems to be a largely multiplayer-oriented experience and, much like others, I have a PS3. You have to wonder how badly Brink is going to suffer thanks to this PSN outage.

The saddest part is I know I’m not the only one that thinks this way; a considerable amount of my friends are indeed saving their money for Rockstar’s opus seven days later. It’s just a terrible window to release any sort of IP, especially one that looks like it deserves the time and money. It’s a shame, but ’tis life, I suppose.

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Allen Park

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