What is Collection Conqueror Code and How to Unlock it in Halo Infinite

November 17, 2021

Halo Infinite players were surprised by a new code in their redemption history – Collection Conqueror. Here we explain what it is and how you can unlock it.

Halo Infinite launched its beta just a few days ago, surprising fans for the franchise’s 20th anniversary. As players began to flood the game’s servers and try out a whole host of new modes, maps, and cosmetics, a few noticed a mysterious code in their redemption history.

“Collection Conqueror” suddenly made its appearance in the last few days – here’s what it unlocks and how you can get it.

Halo Infinite | Season 1: Heroes of Reach Launch Trailer

Halo Infinite | Season 1: Heroes of Reach Launch Trailer


Many players began to see the code “Collection Conqueror” pop up in their redemption history throughout the past few days. At first, many were confused about the code’s origins. It seemed to mysteriously appear already redeemed in players’ histories. Players were even more puzzled by what the code actually unlocked.

Collection Conqueror code in Redemption History

So what is it? 343 Industries automatically redeemed “Collection Conqueror” for players, which is why it appears in the redemption history. This code reportedly unlocks a brand new Mark VI nameplate (shown below) for players to show off in-game.

Players can unlock the code by completing all Legendary Campaigns in the Master Chief Collection. This makes it a pretty hefty goal for the achievement.

Some players reported completing all the campaigns, but not receiving the code. This is most likely due to a slow roll-out; 343 redeemed the codes over time for various players. So, if you’ve completed the Legendary Campaigns already, just wait for a bit and Collection Conqueror should pop up in your redemption history.

If you still haven’t received the rewards, you can follow the steps outlined by Halo Support below:

Further, many fans seem to think that the Collection Conqueror code, along with a few other just-released codes like Guardian’s Bounty, hints towards an early official release. Given the new content, this could be possible, but is so far just speculation.

Halo Infinite‘s beta is available to play now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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