What is E3 – Looking at Video Game’s Biggest Event As It Goes Online

What is E3 – Looking at Video Game’s Biggest Event As It Goes Online

What are gamers in store this year as E3 goes digital?

Anyone who plays games will know what E3 is and how it’s one of the most exhilarating events for video games every year. From gamers to developers and publishers, they all stand around in a huge excitement-filled, sweaty convention center in L. A to hear about, and play, some of the best upcoming gaming titles for that year. Like many events across the globe, COVID-19 has come in and pulled the rug out leaving organizers to showcase the shindig online instead. E3 is no different this year than last year where it also got cancelled due to the pandemic so what is E3 and how does it affect the event by going online?

What is E3?

Just in case you’ve never been to E3 or maybe aren’t too sure what it entails, allow me to explain it in short. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3 for short, is a video game event that runs for three days at the Los Angeles Convention Center. During this period, journalists, industry executives, and members of the general public get together to fill the 720,000-square foot exhibition space that’s jam-packed with exhibitors at kiosks tempting visitors into their vibrantly colored stalls to try out their early video game demos before they release to the general public.

That’s of course once you get into the center, but beforehand you are usually waiting out in the blistering Californian sun for hours in a long queue. That’s all a part of the experience though which also gives you time to chat with other gamers and meet those friends you’ve only talked with online chasing that chicken dinner.


How will E3 going digital affect gamers?

Like concerts and other big events, viewers will get the chance to sit back in the comfort of their couch to watch the exhibition unfold online this year apparently from June 15 to 17 with 12-hour live streams each day, alongside a preview night on June 14. It certainly won’t be the same as being there in person, amongst the screams of joy and atmospheric buzz. It’s not apparent as yet what  E3 2021 will really look like and whether publishers will continue last year’s idea of individual shows that were hosted separately from E3. According to VGC, “at least one major games company” the site talked with “indicated that it would continue to run its own separate digital showcase.”

An ESA representative said “We can confirm that we are transforming the E3 experience for 2021 and will soon share exact details on how we’re bringing the global video game community together,” Hopefully we will hear more as the story unfolds and also get to hear about what viewers can expect to see from the seemingly complex and difficult arrangements surrounding E3 this year.