What Is Ignition Code Grenade Launcher In Destiny 2? - New Season, Kinetic Slots

A Grenade Launcher that does Kinetic damage. Need we say more?

A new season of Destiny 2 arrives with new seasonal weapons, one of which is the Legendary Ignition Code.

Destiny 2‘s Season of the Splicer has the Vex using their simulation technology to block the sun from Earth’s last city.

With great new lore also come great new perks and weapons, and Ignition Code has probably caught your eye by now.

Learn more about it, what it does, and one of its broken interactions here.

Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer – Season Pass Trailer

Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer – Season Pass Trailer

What is Ignition Code Grenade Launcher In Destiny 2?

The Ignition Code is a Lightweight Frame, breech-loaded Grenade Launcher which can ricochet grenades. What makes this weapon unique is its feature to do kinetic damage, making it the first-of-its-kind Grenade Launcher after the sunset.

It’s Lightweight Frame allows it to be a one-shot handheld Grenade Launcher also with remote detonation. Another of its perks is that its blast radius increases when surrounded by combatants. You can equip other perks such as Spike Grenades, Blinding Grenades, and more.

Ignition Code in Destiny 2 also has a mildly broken interaction with its perk Slideshot. This basically allows you to reload with a slide and also have better range and stability. YouTuber Hynra points out how combining Slideshot with the cryoclasm slide allows you to shoot 3 grenades in one slide.

The Ignition Code is in Legendary Season of the Splicer engrams in Destiny 2 such as Splicer Gear.

You can have a look at its stats below:

Stability – 35
Handling – 68
Reload Speed – 68
Velocity – 75
Blast Radius – 55
Rounds Per Minute – 90
Magazine – 1

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Ignition Code Lore

“I can decode anything with a grenade launcher.” —Saint-14

Ahrrha hauled a metal crate from the drop ship toward the haphazard Eliksni settlement. He moved slowly, matching the pace of his malnourished workmates. Though he had fasted during his trip, Ahrrha knew that his solid frame still made him stand out. He feared it would reveal him as the imposter and infiltrator he was, even while dressed as a House Salvation deserter.

During the approach to Earth, Ahrrha had been overawed. The Last City looked like a perfect ripple of Light from above, dropped from the impassive form of the Great Machine. Ahrrha wondered for the first time in his life if the Spider was wrong about the Guardians.

But his misgivings evaporated as soon as he emerged from the drop ship. Rather than living in a gleaming city of crystal, the Eliksni were packed into the bombed-out ruins of a former war zone. The area they’d been “given” appeared to be on the verge of collapse.

Ahrrha sneered inwardly. Did the Guardians really believe that the Eliksni could be pacified so cheaply? That they were content to live under the boots of the Vanguard, gnawing at scraps? Perhaps it was true for fools like Misraaks, his Awoken-raised hatchling, and cowards like the Empty Weaver.

But the Spider’s acquiescence would not be so easily bought. In fact, Ahrrha thought, the Spider could probably own this settlement within a year. The generosity and goodwill of House Light would soon crumble to greed and hubris, as they all did. And once Spider’s syndicate had a foothold, they would make the Vanguard pay. In Glimmer, weapons, Ether, and blood.

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