What Is Otacore and Weirdcore Music Genre?

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December 1, 2021

There are a variety of genres when it comes to music but have you heard the Otacore or Weirdcore. Probably yes, but you may not have realized that it has a specific name too!

In recent times, Otacore music genre has gained quite the fan base. Whereas, the Weirdcore music genre still has a limited audience. In this article, we shall define what they are and what’s the difference between them.

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Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time / The Culprit Hanzawa | Teaser Trailer | Netflix Anime

Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time / The Culprit Hanzawa | Teaser Trailer | Netflix Anime

Otacore Music Genre Explained

Otacore is a music genre that is influenced or inspired by Japanese anime culture. The term Otacore was coined by Spotify and Every Noise At Once project, defining it as fan-based music with origins in the anime and manga community.

The word Otacore comes from the Japanese word “Otaku” which means geek or nerd who is obsessed with anime/manga; and “Core” which is used as a label for any type of hardcore music.

Spotify added the Otacore genre to describe anime music and it has been showing up in the end-of-year Spotify Wrapped summary for several anime fans. However, since many of them are unaware of this term, they are left with no choice but to google what Otacore means.

Some of the popular Otacore artists are Toby Fox, Linked Horizon, CG5, Steven Universe, Yuki Hayashi, Ken Ashcorp, etc.

You can check out Otacore Spotify playlist to get a better idea of what kind of songs it offers.

Weirdcore Music Genre Explained

Weirdcore music genre centered around amateur or distorted music that has been constructed or edited in a way to convey feelings of confusion, disorientation, alienation, and nostalgia.

The Weirdcore genre originally started as an online aesthetic and art movement that focused around amateur, low-quality photography and digital graphics that have been purposefully edited to convey feelings of confusion and disorientation.

This subculture has now made its way to music where people are making songs that seem child-like yet distorted. Though it is disturbing, Weirdcore is loved by many across the internet for its uniqueness.

Some of the well-known Weirdcore artists are Mr. Kitty, Vierre Cloud, Will Wood, Louie Zong, etc.

You can listen to this Spotify Weirdcore playlist to get a first-hand experience of this genre. Although I can’t guarantee that you might like it because the music is….errr…different!?

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