What is Secret Invasion About in Marvel?

The show is expected to come out in 2022 with six episodes.

November 12, 2021

Recently, Marvel showed a glimpse of the upcoming series for Disney Plus, Secret Invasion. Very little is known about the show’s plot, but we do have some idea about it through the comic book.

Secret Invasion is based on a comic book storyline of the same name. The show stars Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, the General of Skrulls. Apart from them, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Olivia Colman, Killian Scott, Emilia Clarke, and Christopher McDonald are also confirmed to appear in the TV series.

The studio recently released the first look of Nick Fury in Secret Invasion. And right after looking at the clip, fans wonder what the upcoming show is all about.

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Marvel Studios’ What If…? | Official Trailer | Disney+

Marvel Studios’ What If…? | Official Trailer | Disney+

Secret Invasion Storyline Explained

In Marvel Comics, Secret Invasion is a crossover event that focuses on the invasion of Earth by Skrulls, who have been secretly replacing several powerful heroes ever since they arrived on Earth.

The storyline of Secret Invasion kicks off after the Kree-Skrull War in the comics. Princess Veranke, who finds her way to the Skrull throne, orders this invasion of Earth. The shapeshifters arrive on the planet and start imposing as several influential people. Interestingly, Veranke herself fools everyone by taking the image of Spider-Woman, who was actually a member of the Young Avengers.

Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Charles Xavier, and some other heroes form a group called Illuminati. The motive behind creating this group was to stop the invasion by Skrulls. However, Skrulls ends up studying the group and later uses that information against Avengers.

After years of planning, Skrulls infiltrated SHIELD and Young Avengers posing as superheroes (Even Elektra was revealed to be a Skrull named Pagon). However, after multiple battles and betrayals, Mr. Fantastic creates a device that can detect aliens, finally putting a stop to the invasion.

In the MCU, Skrulls were introduced in the Captain Marvel movie. After that, we saw the shapeshifters appearing in Spider-Man: Far From Home. In the end credits, we find out that Talos and one other Skrull was posing as Nick Fury and Maria Hill the entire time.

Also, in WandaVision’s post-credit scene, we see Monica Rambeau talking to a Skrull, who summoned her by posing as an FBI Agent. So, it’s safe to say that in the MCU, several Skrulls have been living on the planet as humans, setting up the plot of Secret Invasion.

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