What Is Spore Blossom In Minecraft: Where To Find It?

It's a new decoractive block in Minecraft!

The most awaited Caves & Cliffs update is finally here and there are many new blocks and creatures that have been added in Minecraft, such as the Spore Blossom.

So what is Spore Blossom? What are its uses? Where do you find these Spore Blossoms in Minecraft?

I am sure you have many such questions in mind. So check out the details written below to know more about it. But before that, do check out our other guides on Minecraft‘s latest update to figure out all the new changes and additions in the game.

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Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I – Official Trailer

Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I – Official Trailer

What Is Spore Blossom In Minecraft?

Spore Blossom flower

Spore Blossoms are basically another beautiful flower in Minecraft that can be found clinging to the ceiling of Lush Caves. They constantly emit green particles called Spores. These Spores can travel up to 22 blocks away and they are harmless to any player or mobs.

Please note that you cannot place Spore Blossoms on the floor and the only way to place them is underneath any solid block, bottom slab, or upright stair.

How To Find Spore Blossom In Minecraft?

Spore Blossoms are a new decorative block that can be found on the ceiling of Lush Caves Biome. They can be generated using only the buffet or custom world type.

You do not need any tool to collect Spore Blossoms in Minecraft. Just smack them with your hand and when they fall down, you just need to collect them. They can stack up to 64 just like many other blocks in Minecraft.

Currently, Spore Blossoms are only available in the Creative Mode inventory.

Can you craft Spore Blossom In Minecraft?

Spore Blossoms cannot be created with a crafting table or furnace. Instead, you need to find and gather this item in Minecraft.

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