What Is The Connection Between Zima Blue And Apex Legends Season 10 Trailer?

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A new trailer for Apex Legends Season 10 has been released by EA and Respawn but a lot of folks are wondering if it’s related to Zima Blue.

The trailer depicts a new Lore featuring the next Legend named Seer who will be entering the game on August 3. This character bears a moth motif and harbors a mysterious connection with the Apex Legends world.

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Apex Legends: Thrillseekers Event Trailer

Apex Legends: Thrillseekers Event Trailer

Apex Legends Season 10 Trailer

Before we explore how the new trailer is connected to Zima Blue, let’s discuss it in brief.

The video titled Stories from the Outlands – Metamorphosis, tells us the story behind the new Apex legend named Seer. He is a cursed moth-man with an army of drones.

The trailer shows a woman giving birth to a child named Seer who has cursed eyes. Meeting his gaze brings destruction as one glance from his eyes can reduce a mountain to dust. He’s a king to a beggar, an ocean to a desert, and everything he touches gets changed.

Apart from that EA’s website also revealed a new LMG called Rampage, more World’s Edge map changes, a ranked mode for Arenas, among other things. So you can expect this season to bring a major update.

Zima Blue

The new Apex Legend Season 10 trailer has fantastic animation and fans could not help but wonder if they had seen a similar art style somewhere else too.

Some of them were quick to identify that the trailer reminded of Zima Blue, an episode from Love, Death, and Robots. If you also felt the same, then yes, you are right.

Zima Blue is episode 14 of the famed Netflix series Love, Death And Robots. This short story revolved around a renowned artist who is about to showcase his final work to the world as he takes people through his past.

Apart from the fact that the short episode is quite philosophical and carries a simple message, it is also appreciated for its animation. The new Apex Legends trailer we saw today also has Zima Blue vibes.

That’s simply because the person who directed Zima Blue and the Apex Legends Season 10 trailer is the same — Robert Valley.

Meet The Director Behind Apex Legends Season 10 Trailer

For the unacquainted, Robert Valley is an award-winning illustrator, animator, and director based in Vancouver. His unmistakable art style stands out because of its particularly angled line-work, sharp shadows, and selective color palette.

Robert’s career has lots of achievements which includes character designing for feature films like Disney’s Tron: Uprising, directing commercials for Nike, Levis, Coke, and the critically acclaimed Zima Blue episode from Love, Death & Robots.

He continues to work on a variety of short and long-form animated projects with the Apex Legends Season 10 trailer being the latest.

We expect to see more of Seer and the new season at EA Play this Thursday, July 22. And hopefully, more cool videos from the Zima Blue director.

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