What Is The Lewdle Answer Today? (Thursday, May 12)

May 12, 2022

We’re finally approaching the weekend as it turns Thursday, May 12 around the world, but there are still a few more Lewdle puzzles left to answer before you relax for the weekend.

If you’re new to Lewdle, the rules of the hit guessing game are simple. Players can visit on their mobile or computer device and play for free. Within six attempts players must attempt to guess a new word each day, but there’s a twist.

As Lewdle is a spin-off from The New York Times’ Wordle, the concept is similar, but Lewdle only makes use of inappropriate words. This means you’ll actually need to leave your mind in the gutter for this one!

Like Wordle, inputting a word will then turn letters either green or yellow. If they turn green, this means you’ve successfully inputted the correct letter in the correct space, but if they turn yellow that means the letter is in the word, but not in that space.

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What Is The Lewdle Answer Today? (May 12)

The latest word of the day for Thursday, May 12 is only a five-letter word, but if you’ve still been left scratching your head, the official Lewdle answer for today is CLITS.

If you’re eager to keep your perfect streak alive and show off to your friends, you will need to ensure you input today’s answer before 9PM PT / 12AM ET / 5AM BST, as this is when the daily reset will occur. A new answer will then arrive for Friday, May 13. Of course, players will be able to check back in with DualShockers tomorrow for the next answer, should you need it.

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