What Is The Wordle Answer Today? #412 Hints & Tips For Friday, August 5

If you are a gamer, you have an easy puzzle up ahead!

August 5, 2022

Today’s word in Wordle (August 5) is something that you might miss, as it features letters that people don’t use more often in their initial guesses, but it is a common word in the world of gaming and programming.

We are almost at the weekend days, and it means you probably have more time to spend on Wordle and take your time to finally figure out the answer to the puzzles.

Today’s Wordle puzzle could be tricky for some of you who are not into video games too much, but if you are a gamer, you will have an easy time guessing only if your initial guesses include a few of the correct letters.


Now, without further ado, let’s jump into the hints.

Wordle Hints & Tips For Friday, August 5

When it comes to the meaning of the word, today’s Wordle answer is a common word that refers to small insects of any kind, especially those that are annoying to people. However, a secondary meaning of the word refers to unwanted issues and problems inside a computer program or a video game, which need to be fixed by the developers.

The secondary meaning has a pretty common use among gamers, but keep in mind Wordle’s answer is the adjective form of that word. So, the meanings above refer to the noun form of the word.

For example, we can use this adjective for a game like Cyberpunk 2077, which was launched with tons of technical issues and ruined expectations.

As our last hint, today’s word starts with a “B” and ends with a “Y“.

What Is The Wordle Answer Today? (Friday, August 5)

The answer to today’s puzzle in Wordle is “BUGGY“.

Well, if you failed to find the answer, I’m sure you are disappointed. A gamer might hear this word over ten times a day, and even if you aren’t a gamer, you have probably heard it at least a few times, as it is used for every issue in every program, including mobile apps.

That’s it for today. Make sure to check back DualShockers tomorrow for new hints and tips for the next puzzle in Wordle.

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