What Is Warzone Vanguard Royale? All Included & Excluded Items

Warzone Pacific has arrived with some brand new modes!

December 8, 2021

Warzone Pacific and Vanguard Season One has finally arrived with plenty of new content for fans to jump into, including Warzone’s brand new mode, Vanguard Royale.

The new mode comes exclusively with the new ‘Pacific’ era of Warzone, but there are some key differences that players need to know about before they drop in. Here’s everything you need to know about Vanguard Royale, including all of the excluded and included items for the mode.

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Call of Duty | Warzone Pacific Launch Trailer

Call of Duty | Warzone Pacific Launch Trailer

What Is Vanguard Royale In Warzone?

Vanguard Royale is a brand new WWII-themed mode available in Warzone as part of Vanguard’s Season One update.

The new game mode aims to focus on a few key elements, the first of which is dogfighting planes and anti-air combat. Players will be able to jump into fighter planes and take down your enemies from above, but watch out for the anti-aircraft guns located around Caldera.

Players will also find a ‘core Vanguard experience’ in the new Battle Royale mode, with a specific WWII ruleset and only Vanguard weapons, operators, vehicles, killstreaks and more allowed.

As well as specific rulesets, Vanguard Royale also includes new environmental hazards. Players will need to ensure they’re on the lookout for ‘Bombing Runs’, which occur throughout the duration of the game.

There are also some important gameplay changes compared to the normal Battle Royale mode, which are listed below:

  • Larger Initial Circle
    • The radii and times for Circle collapses have been rebalanced to accommodate dogfighting further into the mid-late game. The overall game length remains the same as Battle Royale.
  • Public Events
    • The new Public Event structure is as follows:
      • Circle 1
        • Weapon Crates or Cash Drops
      • Circle 2
        • Loadout Drops
      • Circle 3
        • Fire Sale
      • Circle 4
        • Weapon Crates or Cash Drops (High Probability)
        • Resurgence or Jailbreak or Loadout Drops (Low Probability)
      • Circle 5
        • Restock
      • Circle 6
        • Loadout Drops
      • Circle 7 & 8
        • Public Events conclude, you’re on your own!
  • Buy Stations
    • Loadout Markers will be available for purchase after the Loadout Drop Public Event.
    • UAV’s will not be available from Buy Stations in this mode but can be acquired as Contract rewards.
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All Included & Excluded Items In Vanguard Royale

Below you will find a full list of the included and excluded items in the new Warzone game mode, Vanguard Royale. This information was detailed in the Season One patch notes from Raven Software.


  • Weapons
    • All Vanguard Weapons
  • Lethals
    • Throwing Knife
    • C4
    • Molotov
    • Frag Grenade
  • Tacticals
    • Stun Grenade
    • Flash Grenade
    • Smoke Grenade
    • Gas Grenade
    • Medical Syringe
  • Killstreaks
    • Cluster Strike
    • Precision Airstrike
    • UAV
    • Advanced UAV
  • Perks
    • All
  • Field Upgrades
    • Cash Deposit Balloon
    • Deployable Cover
    • Loadout Marker
    • Armor Box
    • Munitions Box
    • Dead Silence
  • Public Events
    • Jailbreak
    • Fire Sale
    • Restock
    • Resurgence
    • Plunder Cash Drops
    • Weapon Crates


  • Weapons
    • All Modern Warfare & Black Ops Cold War Weapons
  • Lethals
    • Proximity Mine
    • Semtex
    • Thermite
    • Claymore
  • Tacticals
    • Decoy Grenade
    • Heartbeat Sensor
    • Snapshot Grenade
    • Spotter Scope
  • Field Upgrades
    • Trophy System
    • Recon Drone
    • Stopping Power
  • Public Events
    • Supply Choppers
    • Juggernaut
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