What on Earth is Square Enix Teasing?

What on Earth is Square Enix Teasing?

Looks like everyone and his mother has something up his sleeve for next week. Microsoft is going to officially unveil the next Xbox, Sony will reveal a new game by Japan Studio and Square Enix has something to say as well.

Of course we don’t have the slightest idea on what that something is. All we know is that the official Square Enix Events account tweeted about it in a rather cryptic manner:

It might be about Final Fantasy Versus XIII, or a new Kingdom Hearts game, or maybe the new Final Fantasy in development for the PS4 (that was teased during the announcement of the console, and could very well be Final Fantasy Versus XIII). It could even be something that will be revealed during the Microsoft’s next Xbox presentation.

It could also be simply an event, since it has been teased by the Square Enix Events twitter account.

To use Shinji Hashimoto’s words uttered during the PS4 unveiling: “Plese be excited!”