Indie Game WHAT THE GOLF? Announced, Fig Campaign Now Live

Indie Game WHAT THE GOLF? Announced, Fig Campaign Now Live

WHAT THE GOLF? is an indie game by Triband, which aims to take the basic mechanics of the sport, and twist it into a goofy, destructive pastime for PC gamers.

This week, Demark indie studio Triband announced its new game WHAT THE GOLF? and to help make the game, the studio has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Fig.

According to the press release, WHAT THE GOLF? aims to take everything boring about the titular sport and make it goofy, yet amusing. Instead of using an array of golf clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course with a few swings a possible, Triband has decided to keep some of the basic mechanics of the game, while adding its own unique twist into the mix.

Several features the game is reported to have include epic golf boss fights, the option to swap out a golf ball in favor of another round object (like a soccer ball). As well as other mini-games that have nothing to do with a simple game of put-put, but incorporate a golf ball in them anyway.

Although this game will not make you a better golf player (obviously), from what the crowdfunding campaign and press release showcased it is undoubtedly a silly game that holds a lot of promise and high replay value. Currently, the crowdfunding campaign has reached $16,488 of its $50,000 goal. Those looking to pledge to the campaign, there are several backer tiers offered, which will unlock specific incentives depending on how much you pledge. Including the “EAGLE” tier, for $45 you will backers will receive two copies of the game, a WHAT THE GOLF? t-shirt, a digital copy of the game’s soundtrack, and more.

If the game reaches its crowdfunding goal by Friday, March 23, the game will enter its development stages and will see a release on PC, Mac, and Linux. For more information on the game, check out the announcement trailer below: