What the iPhone 4G Could Mean for Gamers

By Jon Ireson

April 19, 2010

As Gizmodo is reporting, they managed to get their hands on what could possibly be the iPhone 4G. The phone was said to be found left in a bar, likely by an Apple employee, and acquired by Gizmodo. With the announcement of iPhone OS 4 and the huge success of the iPad it is obvious that Apple is focusing a lot more on gaming with the iPhone platform. Now the latest iPhone incarnation may seek to become mobile gaming’s platform of choice, especially among those looking for that all-in-one capability in a mobile device.

What we know so far are a few details about hardware for the most part. That the camera will be front facing for the latest iPhone is a big revelation in itself. The case is metallic rather than plastic. There are also some small changes to be noted such as a micro-Sim card that plugs in to the side and the volume buttons being two separate buttons.

What we do not know about the device is vast. Will it operate on the iPhone OS 4 or something even more advanced? What could it mean for gaming on the iPhone?

Given Apple’s patent on Multi-touch displays a new, better iPhone would seem another bold move from the electronics manufacturer to not only tighten its grasp over the smart phone market but also to extend further into the gaming world as well. The front facing camera could provide games where players are able to interact with their body in the real world to do things like slam dunk and fire off pistols. Perhaps even more interesting the back of the new iPhone case will reportedly be made out of a familiar type of plastic that was used in Apple’s Magic Mouse and may give way to multi-touch capabilities on the back of your iPhone!

The possibilities are pretty wide open for what this could add to gaming. It’s a given that this new iPhone will be involved with Apple’s new social gaming network among its relative devices. Achievements and joining up with friends on the device in HD will be a cohesive and advanced way to game mobile that has not been brought to the forefront yet. As far as a multi-touch back to the iPhone 4G, this would solve the issue of having to sacrifice some of the screen for video game controls once and for all.

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