What Time is the Valorant Update for Astra and Episode 2 Act 2?

What time is the Valorant update time?

Riot Games has made a name for themselves as the developers of hugely popular multiplayer games such as League of Legends and 2020’s Valorant. Valorant has been supported with constant events and updates ever since its release last year. Now, Riot is adding a new character, Astra, to the mix. So what time is the Valorant update for Astra and Episode 2 Act 2 going live?

UPDATE 02/03/21 14:25: Act One is reportedly ending at 2:30am UK time on March 3 (9:30 pm ET/6:30 pm PT)

Original Story: The big update adding the latest battle pass and the new agent is happening on Tuesday, March 2. At the current time of writing, Riot Games has not officially announced what time the patch goes live. However, based on previous updates and their release times, it’s simple to assume when everything will be launching. was able to intuit the global release time based on previous updates. This is their best guess on when the patch will go through:

PST 08:00 AM 2/03/2021

EST 11:00 AM 2/03/2021

GMT 04:00 PM 2/03/2021

IST 09:30 PM 2/03/2021

JST 01:00 AM 3/03/2021

As this is just a guess, remember to take those times with a grain of salt. That said, even if it’s not entirely accurate, Riot has officially announced that the character will be going live on March 2, so it should be happening soon regardless.

The Valorant Prime 2.0 collection was announced earlier this morning and features some weapon skins that we’re crazy over. You can check out our full coverage of it right here and find out what is included in the 2.0 collection.

For a breakdown of the new agent, Astra, check out this article that details all of her new powers and abilities along with the reveal trailer.

Recently, Riot Games has been cracking down on AFK players and those using abusive language in the chat. They’ve been working on an algorithm that detects more nuance in chat rooms and doles out bans and consequences accordingly. You can check out our coverage of that right here.

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