What Time Will Apex Update Tonight? March 9 Switch Release

Is the update coming at the same time as the Switch port?

March 8, 2021

UPDATE: Respawn Entertainment has now officially announced the update time. The Chaos Theory Collection event will be live today, March 9, at 10 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. CST / 1 p.m. EST / 6 p.m. GMT. They still have been ambiguous about the Switch release, but that’s most likely on the Nintendo eShop’s end. They said in a tweet, “Nintendo Switch players can jump into the Chaos Theory Collection Event the evening of March 9th, when Apex Legends officially launches on the platform.”

The original article follows:

Tonight is a big night for fans of Apex Legends. Two big things are happening that we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time: the Chaos Theory Collection event (a game-changing new event announced last week) and the long-anticipated Apex Legends Nintendo Switch port. If you’re like me and struggle with keeping track of dates and times because of the world’s many time zones, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a guide to when the Switch port goes live as well as the latest Apex update time. It should be worth noting that both of these times are speculation as neither EA nor Respawn Entertainment have officially announced what time they’ll be going live. That said, we can make some pretty educated guesses based on past releases and overall industry standards.


When does the Switch version release?

Apex Legends on the Switch is set to come out tomorrow, March 9That’s all we know officially. However, looking at when digital-only releases usually go live on the Nintendo Switch eShop, we can put together that it’s likely to launch at 9 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. CST / 12 p.m. EST / 5 p.m. GMT. All that said, there’s still no official word from the publisher on its exact release time, but it’s likely to be around that time.

When will the Chaos Theory event start?

Similar to the specific release time for the Switch port, we don’t officially know when the Apex update time is. That said, it’s simple to assume that the update will go live at the same moment the Switch version releases. The update for the most recent Season 8 went up at 10 a.m. PT, so it could be happening around then as well.

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