What Time Will Fortnite Tilted Towers Ice Melt? POI Return Date

Tilted Towers is finally returning!

January 17, 2022

The return of Tilted Towers is imminent as a new Fortnite update is on the way that will see the ice melt further and the classic point of interest return.

Fans have seen multiple iterations of Tilted Towers over the years, and when Chapter 3 launched in December we were all shocked to discover that the classic POI had returned, but there was a catch.

It didn’t take long for players to work out that Tilted Towers was present on the new Chapter 3 map, but it was buried under a large section of ice and snow. Thankfully, the snow has been slowly receding and Tilted Towers is about to return to Fortnite in its original form.

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When Will Tilted Towers Melt? Return Date & Time

Multiple Fortnite leakers and data miners previously predicted that Tilted Towers would be returning with the v19.10 update on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022. This has seemingly been confirmed by the official Fortnite Twitter account after they recently tweeted “One more sleep” with an emoji of a highrise city similar to Tilted Towers.

The official Fortnite Status Twitter account then confirmed the release time and date of the v19.10 update for January 18th at 4AM ET, with the caption “Where we droppin?”.

Downtime usually lasts anywhere between one and two hours depending on how big the update is, but once completed fans can expect to see the ice melted and Tilted Towers finally available once again.

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Where Is Tilted Towers In Fortnite Chapter 3?

Once Tilted Towers finally returns to the Fortnite island, players will find that the ice has melted and the point of interest will be available in the centre of the map in between Camp Cuddle and Sanctuary. We’ve circled the location on the map below so you know exactly where to drop following the v19.10 update on January 18th.

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