Whatever Happened to that Golden Wii THQ Tried to Send to the Queen of England?

Whatever Happened to that Golden Wii THQ Tried to Send to the Queen of England?

Apparently THQ tried to send the Queen of England a golden Wii console to help promote their shovelware title Big Family Games, so what happened to it?

Back in 2009 THQ decided to try and boost coverage of its shovelware Wii title Big Family Games by sending the Queen of England a golden Wii console, Wiimote, and nunchuck, along with a copy of their vaporware minigame collection that probably filled the shelves of Wal-marts and Targets alongside every other publisher trying to capitalize on the major success of the Wii with the least amount of effort possible.

So whatever happened to that golden Wii console? That’s a question I never asked because I didn’t even know about it until this video from People Make Games that features them attempting to (and successfully) tracking down the unique Wii console. Chris Bratt and Anni Sayers, whose Patreon you can become of a part of here, remembered the good old days of 2009 when publishers spent way too much time and money on PR campaigns to drum up the potential success of whatever it was that was releasing that month. In THQ’s case, it was Big Family Games,

Turns out you can’t just mail anything you want to the Queen of England, as the royal family does not accept gifts, meaning the golden Wii never reached the Queens hands. So Chris and Anni decided to hunt down the console, and despite being rebuffed by the most direct THQ contact (now defunct, wonder why?) listed, were able to track it down to, what else, a collector. This collector happened to live just a skip across the ocean outside of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The collector, Donnie, made it his purpose to collect every color of every Nintendo console released, so how could he skip out on a gold Wii. Unfortunately he does not have the nunchuck, making it an incomplete set. Despite all his console collecting Donnie says he only has about 35 games, a number that would make Marie Kondo blush.

The video is what a YouTube video should be, not too long, entertaining throughout, sharply edited, and follows a silly premise with a mostly straight face. The highlight of the video is when Chris wakes up ready to travel and the video proceeds to cut again and again and again to different locations as he slowly gets closer and closer to his destination continuing the same line of thought sentence to sentence despite the change in location. Its a good bit. The only other tidbit not drawing too much attention is a Heineken branded GameCube, which clashes with the general kid-friendly aesthetic of Nintendo consoles and games.

You can get a copy of Big Family Games for the low, low price of $39.98 on Amazon. And don’t worry, even though THQ is long dead its games were purchased by the now named THQ Nordic who republished Destroy All Humans, a IP that just so happened to be included on the same auction lot as Big Family Games, making an HD re-release not just potential but now necessary thanks to the cultural relevance it played on our collective consciousness. The game only has one review though, and not even a Metacritic listing, making it ripe for retrospective coverage among YouTubers.