What's in the Rust March 5 2021 Update? Rail Network Detailed in Patch Notes

The Rust March 2021 update is here, check out the patch notes.

Rust has been at the top of the survival/crafting game genre since its early access days back in 2013. It’s received big updates on a monthly basis keeping players frequently coming back for more. the Rust March 2021 update is here and focuses primarily on adding a rail network. Here’s the list of patch notes:


  • Added Rail Network
  • Added Rail Monument
  • Added Workcart
  • Added Slot Machines to Bandit Town


  • Thompson viewmodel – Fixed finger clipping on admire anim
  • Bow viewmodel – Fixed thumb clipping through glove meshes
  • Bow 3p – fix for incorrect arrow material, updated arrow model
  • Medical syringe viewmodel – Fixed floating elements during anims
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to throw Mace
  • Fixed missing downloadable workshop meshes for Jackhammer
  • Fixed bandage and syringe 3rd person animations not playing when using these items on another player
  • Fixed item spend notifications not appearing (while repairing, building and upgrading)
  • Fixed Dropbox deployment difficulty on stone walls
  • Fixed heavy helmet overlay covering chat UI
  • Fixed RFBroadcaster stackable
  • Fixed wind generator volume prevent building and deploy volume mismatches causing confusing behaviour
  • Fixed fridge excessively large prevent building volume
  • Fixed XL neon signs blocking windows
  • Fixed heavily charged batteries displaying incorrect time remaining (used 12h format)
  • Fixed constant RF spam at oil rig
  • Fixed jacket using the red jacket skin by default. Jacket is now dark grey like its icon. Red skin still works as intended.
  • Updated metal shop front icon to match the current model


  • Jackhammer viewmodel – Added admire anim
  • Jackhammer 3p – Updated pose and anims
  • Sheet Metal Gloves Skinnable
  • Vending machines at different heights will now group together on the map
  • Marketplace now charges a flat fee for delivery instead of per quantity
  • Improved server and network performance for Boats
  • Removed radiation from road side substations
  • Holding RF Transmitter no longer flags the player as hostil
  • Allow small box placement under mixing tabl
  • Stricter large swimming pool volume
  • Reduced Gong crafting cos
  • Smoother horse movement when traversing bumpy terrai
  • All puzzle room loot is destroyed before respawning – no half looted box

Known Issues

  • Known issue – clipping under terrain inside safezone causes the client to become stuck within safezone, we’ll fix ASAP

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Peter Hunt Szpytek

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