What’s so special about Call of Duty 4?


I’ve never been more excited in my life. I’m given an opportunity to publically vent my personal feelings over Call of Duty 4, and I know you’re all immediately going to go batshit crazy once it’s published. So with the possibility of death threats aside, let’s crack on with why I plain just don’t like Call of Duty 4.

First off, I’m not one of those irritating people that “dislike” something just to stand out from the crowd. I don’t really mind the whole hype malarkey as it usually tends to point me in the right direction for my next game purchase. Hell, the main reason I purchased Call of Duty 4 was because of the hype! There’s no denying it, First-Person shooters are a saturated market. The quality titles are few and far between, and it is in this spirit which made me wonder just why so many millions of people admire and adore Call of Duty 4 so much?

I purchased it. I played it. I sold it. I got virtually ear-raped by mes amigos, re-purchased it. Re-sold it. And I don’t intend buying it for a third time!! What is there to love so much about it!? The graphics are virtually a minor step up from Playstation 2; where the walls look like one blotchy grey sickish colour you’d find presented on Runescape on a Windows XP 1998. Perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration – but looking at anything other than the guns in-game is like trying to seduce a fat male Pimp in a sexy girl Strip Club.

I hear people tell me that the “story” is a real emotional tearjerker. Emotional tearjerker? Balls to that!! You’re a fire-throwing war veteran son-of-a-bitch who cares for nothing else but taking lives and occasionally helping out your stereotyped macho-man friends. I’m not denying the character development is good, but the “story” has been done before in other shooters – and done much better! What is the story? You’re a soldier who has to kill a terrorist? Very original. Now suddenly you’re in control of a man whose name is based off of a soluble cylindrical bar that I use to wash myself with – god help us all. You’re in a better position than your previous soldier; however you’re still trying to get the same terrorist… Kay. This goes on and on until the terrorist is eventually killed in what can only be described as a “10 second ending”. For god’s sake! It frustrates me to hear anyone talking about how innovative Infinity Ward were in developing this game. The only effect Infinity Ward had on the genre was by making an already established and completely average series, a little less average.

Finally there’s the game play and online, and it’s safe to say I have no quarrel with these. I’ve dedicated many hours of my life to COD 4 and COD 5 online. The shooting is sharp and accurate, the pacing is speedy and relentless and the perks are equally balanced. In fact – the only thing I really admire about the game is its game play. Fair enough – a title should only be produced with the urge to focus on game play (anything else should be a bonus), however I don’t understand how it’s Call of Duty 4 that gets reigned supreme when there’s bucket loads of similar shooters out there on the market. The shooting on Rainbow Six Vegas is accurate and sharp, the online is fine – and yet that doesn’t get bum-raped by fan-boys! The story, visuals and game play on Battlefield: Bad Company completely wipes the floor with COD4, yet that doesn’t get much appreciation! Even Call of Duty 5 looked better and played EXACTLY THE SAME AS COD 4 – AND SOMEHOW PEOPLE CAN STILL FIND WAYS OF DEEMING IT “WORSE” THAN IT’S PREDECESSOR. If a game has been visually enhanced, whilst remaining completely the same – IN WHAT WAY CAN IT BE WORSE?

I think the simple explanation is – I will never understand… Call of Duty 4 is just another average shooter that plays exactly the same as everything else in the genre. The story is nothing special, the graphics aren’t brilliant and the game play isn’t unique. It’s either a case of I’m missing something, or the majority of the population are sheep – and will just play and enjoy the games they’re told to. Nothing else.

I’m just hoping Modern Warfare 2 can sway me around.

Thanks for listening.

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