**Update** What's Up With Xbox and GameStop?

I’m going to start off by saying that my original Xbox 360 was acting real sketchy. It began making a lot of weird noises and sounded significantly louder. It almost sounded as if the fan was busted or overworking. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. It would also overheat every now and then. What worried me even more was that the overheating was becoming more and more frequent. I decided to sell my Xbox before it was too late. Sell my Xbox before it got the red rings of death!

I walked into GameStop today with my dying Xbox 360 and a few games expecting to not get much for my trade-ins. I was planning to keep my 20 gig hard drive, count my losses, and get a new Xbox 360 Arcade.

Supposedly, right now GameStop is taking hard drive-less Xboxes for $100 only if they were to be put towards a new Xbox 360 250GB. And, this is GameStop being “generous.” Since I was not putting it towards one of the new 250GB Xboxes, I thought I would surely get far less than $100 for my console trade-in.

To my pleasant surprise, they were giving me $125 for my Xbox 360. On top of that, I asked them if I could keep my component cables and I would give them my new Xbox 360 Arcade console’s composite cables. The person at the registered agreed to my crazy demands. I also traded in the game that came inside the box. Who wants to play Banjo Kazooie?

I was expecting to sell multiple games, but ended up only selling Tatsunoko vs. Capcom for $25. After selling my Xbox, the game that came with my new Xbox and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, I got a new console and about $10 in store credit! Talk about ridiculous.

So, what’s up with Xbox and GameStop? I don’t see how they could be making much profit out of this. This was not just an isolated incident. My friend was able to do the same thing over a week ago. GameStop cannot be making much money for trades like this. However, do I really care? Thank you, GameStop! They should simply advertise this as, “Trade in your old junk and get a brand new one for only $15.” Yes, $15 if you trade in that stupid game right off the bat. It’s great.


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