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Valorant Chamber Agent Release Date and Abilities Explained

Here's when you'll get the seventeenth agent in Valorant.

November 15, 2021

The much-awaited Episode 3 Act 3 came out in Valorant earlier this month; however, players are still waiting for the new ‘Chamber’ to arrive in the game. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming agent’s release date.

Valorant players are having a great time with all the new content with the latest update. There are several new weapon skins in the game to celebrate the release of the Arcane anime series on Netflix. Along with that, the new Act comes with the Radiant Crisis 001 Skins Bundle inspired by comic books. As usual, several buffs and nerfs were introduced with the update, including a massive nerf for right-click from Classic.

However, the community was also expecting to see Chamber after the update. Well, after a long wait, we are finally close to Chamber’s official release.

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Valorant | Chamber Agent Trailer

Valorant | Chamber Agent Trailer

Last month, Riot Games officially confirmed that the Episode 3 Act 3 agent had been delayed for a few more days. Of course, this came as sad news for the community because it’s been a while since players got their hands on a new agent. Anyway, the good thing is that devs revealed a new release date for Chamber.

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Valorant ‘Chamber’ Release Date

According to the official announcement, Valorant Chamber’ agent is now scheduled to release on Tuesday, November 16th, 2021. The agent will arrive with Patch 3.10, so you’ll finally get to try out the new agent in Valorant tomorrow.

What are the Abilities of Valorant ‘Chamber’ Agent?

Chamber is a powerful Sentinel who is capable of holding a site on his own, and here are all of his abilities:

C (Trademark)

Places a trap for enemies that counts down when an enemy comes in range. It destabilizes the terrain slowing down the players caught inside it.

Q (Headhunter)

Players can activate this ability to equip a heavy pistol. You can Alt fire to aim down sights.

E (Rendezvous)

This ability allows you to place two teleport Anchors on the site. When in range, you can reactivate this ability to teleport to the other anchor’s location. You can also pick up the anchors to redeploy.

X (Tour De Force)

The ultimate ability gives you a powerful sniper rifle that kills the enemy in a single direct hit. After each kill, it creates a lingering field that slows down other enemies caught in it.

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