When is National Anime Day and What's Happening in 2021?

When exactly is National Anime Day?

April 15, 2021

Anime is fast becoming one of the most popular entertainment mediums in the world.

While the Japanese animations started to gain traction in the western world around the late ’80s and ’90s, with the likes of Akira, Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon, companies like Netflix are helping to spotlight shows to a more mainstream market.

The medium is so popular that it has earned its own day, but when is National Anime Day and what’s happening in 2021?

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So, when is National Anime Day this year?

National Anime Day, like all National days, falls on the same date every single year.


That date is none other than today, Thursday, April 15!

What’s happening on National Anime Day 2021?

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Sadly, from big companies at least, not a huge deal.

There are the usual “Happy Anime Day” tweets coming from a range of different social media teams, however, very few companies seem to be celebrating.

One of the few that is, is none other than Amazon Prime Video UK. The on-demand streaming service is offering fans the opportunity to have their Twitter profile pictures immortalised in an anime style.

The artist behind that work is Amrit Birdi, a London-based, award-winning illustrator who has produced work for the likes of Disney, Square Enix and Bandai Namco.


Make sure to check back to this post later as we’ll keep it updated should any other companies come out with their own celebrations.

How has Twitter Reacted to this year’s celebration?

As you’d expect, anime fans are out in force celebrating the day, posting pictures of celebrations from their favourite shows.


Happy National Anime Day to all DualShockers readers out there!

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