When is the Yoimiya Banner Ending, Should You Pull The Gacha or Wait

The Yoimiya banner will be ending in a few hours - this is the last chance until a long while to pull Kana Ueda's character in Genshin Impact.

By Iyane Agossah

August 30, 2021

The Yoimiya banner in Genshin Impact is ending in a few hours now, shortly before the start of maintenance for Version 2.1, this is the final occasion to make up your mind whether to pull her or not.

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Genshin Impact | Version 2.1 Trailer

Genshin Impact | Version 2.1 Trailer

Genshin Impact – Yoimiya banner countdown

The banner will be ending at server time August 31 at 14:59:59. Click the links below for a countdown and time zone conversion for each server.

You still have a few hours to decide whether o pull or not. And here’s my personal opinion on the matter. Yoimiya is a pretty good character in how she’s pretty easy to use. She’s still an Archer, so you’ll have to aim, but she’s one of the few archer characters where her auto-attack is actually useful. Thanks to how her E turns her Auto Attack into Pyro DMG. Along with Ganyu – you don’t need to aim and just shoot the floor – Yoimiya is the archer character for people who don’t like archers.

The second advice I can give you is to only pull characters if you really like them. Be it their story, their English voice actor or seiyuu, etc. Don’t pull characters because of tier lists, builds or the opinions of YouTubers and Influencers. You’re the one playing the game on your account.

Pure character tier lists on Genshin Impact don’t really mean anything at the end of the day as what truly matters are your Artifacts and their substats. Getting more and more characters in Genshin Impact is objectively useless. That’s why you should only pull the chara you actually love.

Yoimiya, Raiden banner future rerun predictions

If you plan to get as many different characters as possible in Genshin Impact and aren’t whaling, as in you’re skipping banners, I think pulling Yoimiya now and skipping Raiden would be best. Or skipping both Yoimiya and Raiden for Kokomi if you’re aiming for her. Because it’s likely Raiden will get a rerun much faster than Yoimiya and Kokomi.

So far, all the Archon characters, Venti and John Lee, got some banner reruns. It’s likely Raiden will get a rerun too in 3 to 4 patches. Don’t quote me on that though and this is pure speculation. But yeah, if you like Ueda Kana over Sawashiro Miyuki, you might want to get Yoimiya over Raiden. You can always reach me on Twitter @A_iyane07 to discuss all that.

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