When is Twisted Wonderland Coming Out? Release Date & Time

Disney Twisted Wonderland is finally coming out!

January 20, 2022

Disney Twisted Wonderland is finally leaving Japan over a year after its release and becoming one of the biggest franchises with a primarily female audience, here is when Aniplex is releasing the narrative JRPG, or visual novel, in English.

Disney Twisted Wonderland was first released in March 2020 in Japan. It’s a media mix project with not only a game but many other works launched. It was born of the cooperation between Disney and Sony Aniplex.

Twisted Wonderland is a game mainly targeted toward female otaku, with pretty boys based on Disney franchises like The Lion King. Last but not least, Twisted Wonderland includes character designs and scenarios by Yana Toboso, the mangaka of Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji). This is one of the many reasons why it became one of the most popular games in Japan.

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Twisted Wonderland is out now! (Update)

The game is now available in the US and Canada after a surprise early launch. The official English Twitter hasn’t shared any announcement yet as we’re writing this. Our original story is still included below.

When is Disney Twisted Wonderland coming out? English release date

Disney Twisted Wonderland is releasing on iOS and Android on January 20, 2022 in the US and Canada. You can get it on Google Play and Apple Store. Note that you will be unable to download the game if you aren’t in one of these two territories. It’s region-locked sadly.

As a side note, a Twisted Wonderland anime adaptation is also planned for a Disney + release but has no date yet.

Disney Twisted Wonderland release time in US and Canada

The official Twisted Wonderland Twitter account did not publish a specific release time, but it’s very likely the game will come out at 8 AM Pacific Time Zone, as this is when all the countdown tweets were published these last seven days. Click here for the release time in other time zones and a countdown.

Personally speaking, pretty much all of my Japanese acquaintances are into Twst, to cite the game’s nickname, so I’m hoping it’ll get a warm welcome in the West as well. It’s a shame that Aniplex and Disney decided to block the game outside US and Canada though. Anyways, are you hyped for Twisted Wonderland? Tell us in the comments!

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