When Ski Lifts Go Wrong Brings Snowboards and Bikes Up the Mountain

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong Brings Snowboards and Bikes Up the Mountain

'When Ski Lifts Go Wrong' reveals all-new summer levels in the latest trailer -- showing the versatility in the bridge builder-type game.

Curve Digital’s When Ski Lifts Go Wrong released a new trailer at the Kind Funny Games Showcase showing off levels in both winter and summer.

For those unaware, this is a bridge builder-type game that takes place on a ski lodge. Players will build ramps, slopes, and ski lifts that hopefully stay in place when tested on. What makes the experience differ from the rest, is that the player is in control of the character testing the structure.

This trailer introduces the summer levels, where players ditch the skis for bikes. This could bring out more variety in a playthrough and keep people entertained year around. It’ll be interesting to see how the gameplay will differ between seasons other than vehicle change. Could there be traction differences and maybe how different the bikes will feel from snowmobiles and skis in the game.

It would also be interesting to see if the new content hints at Curve Digital dishing out more vehicles and environments. Either way, this looks like a good time to chill out and build some ramps and do sick jumps off of.

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong is out now on Steam for early access and is slated to release sometime next year. The game is also announced for the Nintendo Switch as well for those looking to hit the slopes on the go.