Where Are All the Eggs in Roblox - Brookhaven, Overlook Bay, Car Dealership Tycoon

If searching for the eggs in Brookhaven has exhausted you, we are here to help.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

March 31, 2021

If you are having fun with the new Easter Egg mission in Brookhaven, then you might ask yourself ‘Where Are All the Eggs in Brookhaven Roblox?’ in higher difficulties. We have the answer.

Brookhaven is one of the most-played open-world games in Roblox and the new Easter Egg missions tasks players to find a certain amount of eggs in a certain area in four different difficulty levels. Let’s start with the easiest level (thanks Inferno Con!):


Where to Find Easter Eggs in Easy Mode

For this stage, you probably wouldn’t need a guide. All the eggs can be found in the rectangular area in front of the difficulty level board. Search inside bushes and fountain, behind boards, and on the ground. Remember that in this level, all the eggs are inside the area with colorful tiles.

Where to Find Easter Eggs in Medium Mode

Here are the list of locations (Some places have more than one egg):

  • In front of the Easter Egg board (inside fountain and bushes)
  • Police Station entrance
  • Police Station’s backyard
  • Cleaners store
  • Motel sign
  • Brooks Diner
  • Hair&Nails store
  • Grocery store
  • Kid’s Playground next to Day Care
  • Day Care’s parking lot
  • School
  • Hospital

Where to Find Easter Eggs in Hard Mode

Here are the list of locations (Some places have more than one egg):

  • School
  • Hospital
  • Grocery and it’s parking lot
  • Day Care and Kid’s Playground
  • Police Station (entrance and backyard)
  • The Oaks Sign in front of the Tree
  • The Oaks stone sign
  • The house in front of the Oaks stone sign
  • Brookhaven Cemetary
  • School Bus Station
  • School Yard
  • Blackhawk stone sign
  • Crossroad upward Blackhawk
  • Brookhaven Bank
  • Airport
  • Fire Station
  • Crown Pointe stone signe
  • Car Wash
  • Modelings
  • Rotten Robbie
  • Motel
  • Brooks Diner

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Where to Find Easter Eggs in Extreme Mode

  • Cleaners’ Basement, Air Conditioning Channel, and 2nd floor
  • Cleaner’s Basement’s backroom (click on the lamp and a hatch will open up)
  • Bank’s Backyard
  • Fountain
  • Police Station’s roof, 1st floor, and the air conditioning channel beneath the roof
  • School’s Basketball Arena, Study Area, and Auditorium
  • Hospital’s X-Ray Machine, Roof
  • Rockstar
  • Fire Station’s Roof
  • Board Plane’s Cockpit and Airport’s Security
  • Motel’s Manager Room
  • Kid’s Playground (the pool, the tree next to it, and the colorful channels)
  • Day Care’s roof
  • Arcade
  • Ice Cream
  • Grocery’s 1st and 2nd floor
  • Car Wash
  • Modelings (inside the First Contact movie theater and its back room)
  • Modelings’ TV Station
  • Brooks Diner’s table and toilet
  • Skateboard Park next to School
  • Club’s Mayor’s Office
  • Church
  • Hospital’s 2nd floor

Car Dealership Tycoon:

Unlike Brookhaven, this one only has one difficulty level. Since the locations in Car Dealership Tycoon don’t have specific names like Brookhaven, we suggest you check out this video for the locations.

Overlook Bay:

Similar to Car Dealer Ship Tycoon, there can be no exact addressing for the eggs in the Overlook Bay and that’s why we, again, suggest you check out the video here to find all the eggs.

Brookhaven is a role play title inside Roblox that has incredible popularity among streamers. Recently, we talked about Mackenzie Turner, one of the well-known Brookhaven streamers who almost updates a new fun story from the game every day in her YouTube channel.

Roblox is a great playground for gamers and those who want to create a gaming experience at no cost. The platform is home to a lot of fan-made games in different genres and welcomes more and more players every day.

Roblox is currently available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Android, and iOS. The game recently entered the stock market as well.

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