Where Are The Fortnite Alien Artifacts For Week 6? - Locations & Release Time

More Alien Artifacts will soon be on the island!

July 13, 2021

Week 6 will soon kick off in Fortnite, which means new Quests and Alien Artifacts for players to complete and discover.

DualShockers have got a complete guide for the locations of the latest Alien Artifacts. But remember, they are not due to go live until Thursday, July 15th, along with the new Epic Quests. Check out the locations and release times below.

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Fortnite Alien Artifacts

As we’re now 6 weeks into the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, players are likely extremely familiar with Alien Artifacts. But, in case you’ve got no idea what they are, here’s a brief explanation.


Alien Artifacts were introduced at the beginning of Season 7 and are essentially an alien currency used to unlock customizable options for the new Kymera skin.

The Kymera skin can be obtained at the beginning of the Battle Pass and is the first outfit in Fortnite to have an almost endless amount of customization options.

New Artifacts arrive on the island each week and can be collected simply by locating them and walking through them. Players can then unlock new styles for Kymera using the Artifacts.

Week 6 Alien Artifacts – All Locations

Below you will find a map with the locations of all five Alien Artifacts for Fortnite Week 6. Underneath the image, you will also find a detailed description of where to find the Artifacts.

  • #1 East of Catty Corner = Head to the large snowy mountain east of Catty Corner and south of Retail Row, the Artifact can be found at the campsite inside of the small blue tower.
  • #2 East of Steel Farm = To the south of Steamy Stacks there is a small purple area that has been overtaken by aliens, the Artifact can be found in between the trees.
  • #3 Corny Complex = On the west side of the farm players will find a small shed, the Artifact can be found inside the roof.
  • #4 Lighthouse = At the north west of the map, above Coral Castle, there is a Lighthouse. Enter the small house next to the lighthouse and the Artifact can be found inside.
  • #5 Orelia Island = At the south tip of the main Fortnite island players will find Orelia Island, either drop in at the segregated island or swim over to find the Artifact inside the broken ruins.

Release Time

Week 6 of Fortnite will begin on Wednesday, July 14th when new Legendary Quests arrive. Followed by new Alien Artifacts and Epic Quests on Thursday, July 15th.

On both days, new Quests and Alien Artifacts will arrive at 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3PM BST.

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