Where Are The Fortnite Alien Artifacts For Week 7? - Locations & Release Time

Week 7 will bring new Epic and Legendary Quests, as well as new Alien Artifacts!

By Kyle Knight

July 20, 2021

Week 7 is set to kick off in Fortnite from Wednesday, with the arrival of new Legendary Quests. The following day, new Alien Artifacts and Epic Quests will be released. Get ahead of the game and check out the locations for the Week 7 Alien Artifacts right here.

As well as the arrival of new Quests and Artifacts, Fortnite fans were also treated to a brand new update this week. Check out the link below to find the full patch notes and find out what’s new in v17.20.

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Bugha Arrives To The Fortnite Icon Series

Bugha Arrives To The Fortnite Icon Series

Fortnite Alien Artifacts

For those that might not know, Alien Artifacts are the new big thing in the world of Fortnite. Each week, new artifacts appear around the island for players to find and collect.

But, what do you do once you’ve collected them? Well, they can actually be used as a form of ‘alien currency’. This currency can be used to purchase new styles for the Tier 1 Battle Pass Skin, Kymera.

The new Fortnite skin has a ton of options to customize it however you please, with different eye colors, head shapes and plenty more. But, you’ll need to collect plenty of new Alien Artifacts each week to unlock all of the options.

A total of 5 Alien Artifacts appear on the island each week, all at different locations each week.

Alien Artifacts – Week 7 Locations

Below you will find a map with the locations of all 5 Alien Artifacts for Week 7 of Fortnite. Underneath the map is a detailed description of where you can find each artifact.

  • #1 Slurpy Swamp – Head to south part of the Slurpy Swamp POI and drop on top of the building next to the satellite dish, the artifact is inside one of the toilet stalls.
  • #2 Southern Island – At the most south point of the map, there is a seperate island detached from the main island. On the east side of this location, head into the warehouse and the artifact can be found in the roof.
  • #3 South of Map Centre – At the centre of the Fortnite island there is a purple circle, head south down the river until you find a building suspended between two mountain tops. The artifact can be found floating below the building.
  • #4 East of Craggy Cliffs – Between Steamy Stacks and Craggy Cliffs there is a building next to a satellite dish. Head inside the building to find the artifact on the ground floor.
  • #5 North of Pleasant Park – Just above Pleasant Park there is a large hexagon shaped area. At the enterance to this point of interest, the artifact can be found in the watch tower on the left hand side.

Alien Artifacts & Quests – Release Time

Week 7 of Fortnite will begin on Wednesday, July 21st when new Legendary Quests arrive. Followed by new Alien Artifacts and Epic Quests on Thursday, July 22nd.

On both days, new Quests and Alien Artifacts will arrive at 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3PM BST.

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