Where is Beast Boy & Superman in Fortnite? - Challenge Locations

Here are the locations for Beast Boy, Armored Batman, and Superman in Fortnite.

By Md Armughanuddin

August 10, 2021

Fortnite is known for its amazing collaborations, and we have witnessed quite a lot of these in the past few months.

Quite recently, the Rift Tour took place in Fortnite which had a special concert by Ariana Grande in the game. This was one of the biggest collaborations not only for Fortnite but in the gaming industry as a whole as well. The event lasted for multiple days and players had a lot of fun throughout the course of it.

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While fans might still be divided over Marvel and DC, Fortnite managed to bring in characters from both those universes in the game. We had collaborations with Avengers a while ago, and now Superman has arrived in the game.

As part of the collaboration, players will be able to unlock Superman outfits and a plethora of other rewards by completing a variety of challenges. Here is all you need to know about it.

New Item Trailer | Prop-ifier | Fortnite

New Item Trailer | Prop-ifier | Fortnite

Where is Beast Boy & Superman in Fortnite?

As part of the event, players need to get quests from Beast Boy and Superman to complete one of the challenges. This can be a bit tricky for many as there is no information about where these NPCs are located. Thankfully, we have got you covered. Here are the locations of the three NPCs in the game.

  • Beast Boy – In the middle of Weeping Woods, near the bridge.
  • Superman– Towards northeast of Corny Complex on the roof of Steel Farm
  • Armored Batman– South of Dirty Docks, next to an alien spaceship

However, if you go to these locations, you will see that these NPCs are not at the location. That doesn’t mean the locations are wrong, but instead, it’s just a bug the game is facing at the moment and Epic Games is working on a fix for the same. Once it’s fixed, you will be able to meet the NPCs at the respective locations.

Until then, you can head on to the telephone booths using the map above to get the quests and complete the challenges.

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