Where Is Cypress Flats In GTA Online? - Location & How To Join Los Santos Car Meetup

The Los Santos Tuners update has finally arrived!

By Kyle Knight

July 20, 2021

GTA: Online‘s massive Sumer Update, Los Santos Tuners, has finally arrived for all platforms. The update is available for download now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Once you’ve downloaded the new GTA V patch, you’ll want to head straight to Cypress Flats to join the lucrative car meetup.

Make sure you’ve got one of the 10 new cars available today in the new update, so you can show it off at the meetup. Check out the link below to see all of the new shiny and expensive cars included in Los Santos Tuners. Or if you’ve already grabbed yourself a new ride, keep reading to find out how you can join the new GTA car meetup at Cypress Flats.

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GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners Trailer

GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners Trailer

GTA: Online – Los Santos Tuners

Los Santos Tuners is the big summer update that GTA: Online fans have been waiting for. A total of 10 new cars are available to purchase right now, with a total of 7 more vehicles arriving through the course of the summer.

Once players have purchased a shiny new car, they’ll be able to join a massive car meetup to show off their new ride. As well as a massive car meet up with brand new cars, there’s also plenty of new races for players to test out their new purchases. Head to the official Rockstar Games Newswire to find out all the details on the Los Santos Tuners update.

Where Is Cypress Flats? How To Join Car Meetup

To join the new GTA: Online car meetup, players will need to head to a warehouse in Cypress Flats, which can be found on the map below.

Players will need to search for the following warehouse pictured below, it will have a blue graffiti marking on the door and a blue circle for players to walk into.

After a cutscene, players will now be inside the warehouse at the car meet. Speak to Mimi, who is sat in the back of her purple car, and purchase a membership for $50,000. This will give players access to all of the Los Santos car meet services and race events.

There are various things to do inside the warehouse, bring your car down to include it in the meetup, or start up some of the new races.

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