Where Is Father Kyle In Mass Effect Legendary Edition? - How To Find Major Kyle

Major Kyle has gone rogue and it's Sheppard's job to intervene!

With Mass Effect Legendary Edition, players are once again experiencing Commander Sheppard’s story from the original Mass Effect Trilogy. Part of Sheppard’s story in the original Mass Effect is finding out where Father Kyle is.

For those that may have just reached that point in Mass Effect, here’s where you can find Father Kyle, who previously went by Major Kyle.

Make sure to check out the link below to find out all the details of the single-player DLC included in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, including how you can play.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Official Launch Trailer

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Official Launch Trailer

Where Is Father/Major Kyle In Mass Effect?

For those that are lovers and not fighters, you will be able to complete this Mass Effect mission without any violence at all!

Locating Father/Major Kyle takes place on Presrop, the moon of Klendagon. Once you arrive at the location, head to the door of the building and initiate the conversation. Select a dialogue option to continue – don’t worry, none of the options leads to a fight.

You will then be told that Father Kyle will speak with you. Head to the building at the far end of the compound and he will meet you there.

To find Father Kyle, head to circular building just across from the main building. Enter the building and head to the very back of the facility, you’ll find Father Kyle waiting for you behind a door.

You will need to navigate your way through various doors until you reach the back of the compound. If you require a more visual guide to locate Father Kyle, check out the tutorial video by YouTuber Thane ME2.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

For those that haven’t experienced the original Mass Effect Trilogy before, or for those that simply want to revisit the classic games, you can now purchase Mass Effect Legendary Edition to experience the story in 4K Ultra HD.

Players will also receive over 40 DLCs from the original trilogy, as well as receiving all three Mass Effect games in remastered 4K. You can check out the official comparison between the original and remaster at the EA Website.

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