Where Is Jake From State Farm Kevin Miles In NBA 2K22?

By Dean James

September 12, 2021

The NBA 2K series has been full of various product placement over the years, but NBA 2K22 may have one of the best, yet also most shameless to date with the inclusion of Kevin Miles, also known as Jake from State Farm.

NBA 2K22 has plenty of product placement found throughout, whether it’s brands like Gatorade and Mountain Dew or different apparel and shoe brands.

Having Jake from State Farm as played by Kevin Miles has to be one of the most surprising tie-ins to date though, as you wouldn’t think you’d have an insurance advertisement in the game.

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NBA 2K22 | The City

NBA 2K22 | The City

Who is Kevin Miles?

Jake from State Farm dates back to 2011 in a commercial where a man is speaking on the phone late at night when his wife catches him. She asks who he is on the phone with, prompting him to answer “Jake from State Farm.” The wife gets on the phone and asks what “Jake from State Farm” is wearing, in which it cuts to a guy who really is a State Farm representative on the other end responding with “khakis.”

This ad was everywhere back then and led to additional commercials starring the real “Jake from State Farm,” who actually did work for State Farm and just happened to be used in the commercials.

The ads eventually died off until earlier this year when they brought the character back, this time played by an actor named Kevin Miles. His first ad made its debut during the Super Bowl, which quickly blew up. Since that time, the character played by Kevin Miles has appeared in many subsequent ads and now is in NBA 2K22 as well.

How To Find Kevin Miles in NBA 2K22

Kevin Miles’ appearance as Jake from State Farm in NBA 2K22 is a bit cringy, but still something you’re definitely going to want to find just to say you did.

To find Kevin Miles in the game, you’re going to have to head into your MyCareer mode on next-gen and into The City. From there, press the respective platform Start button to bring up the pause menu and head over to the Quests tab.

You will see a quest under City Quests titled “Meet Jake from State Farm,” which is obviously the one you want to select. This will place a waypoint that will guide you directly to where he is located in the game.

If you are having trouble finding him when you get there, just look for the bright red State Farm building and he will be there for you to speak with. As a reward for speaking with him, he will also give you his own outfit for you to wear as well. I mean, who doesn’t want to rock out with the Jake from State Farm look in The City?

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