Meet the 16 Writers of the American Folklore Adventure, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

Recently, developer Dim Bulb Games announced the gaggle of writers that will be tackling their adventure tale, Where the Water Tastes like Wine. The title is a trip down American history with players coming across 16 different personalities (each tackled by a different writer) that color the country’s rise to prominence.

Some of the more notable authors are Emily Short, known for her numerous contributions to interactive fiction, Jolie Menzel, narrative designer for South Park: The Fractured But Hole, and Anne Toole, editor/localizer for The Witcher. The other selections have a wide range of experience in the gaming community, from previous critics to academics to designers.

The full list includes:

The last name should be familiar to some of you as one half of Fullbright, the company behind Gone Home. And going even further back, Johnnemann worked on Bioshock 2: Minerva’s Den with when he was with 2K Games. Now he’s the creative director of Dim Bulb Games and the wrangler for all these writers for Where the Water Tastes like Wine.

Along with it’s large stable of authors, the game will also feature:

  • A variety of folk tales and personal stories to encounter, told by characters from all over America
  • Beautiful combination of 3D overworld and 2D illustration in its own unique style
  • Stories by a wide selection of excellent writers
  • An emerging fantastical, psychedelic, surreal, and creepy tinge as the game continues

The graphics and animation look fantastic and is all thanks to Kellan Jett, an illustrator also known for their work on the upcoming 4D puzzler Miegakure

But obviously the main draw here will be the narrative(s) and reading through the writer list, it’s hard not to be excited as a gamer and reader. Here’s hoping that Johnnemann is able to balance the styles and voices of all these authors and deliver a rich experience like he’s done in the past.

Right now, Where the Water Tastes like Wine is planned for a 2017 release for PC and Mac. The game’s presskit page also lists an ‘other’ platform as ‘TBA’. You can check out the teaser trailer below:

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