Where To Find and Kill Kaylessa In 'The Outcast' Quest Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous

Here's how to complete 'The Outcast' Quest in Wrath of The Righteous!

By Kyle Knight

September 5, 2021

Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous has finally been released for PC players around the world and there’s plenty of new players jumping in for the first time. With so many new players, some are struggling to complete ‘The Outcast’ Quest in Wrath of The Righteous, which entails finding and killing Kaylessa.

To save you some time and trouble, here’s everything you need to know about Klaylessa in Wrath of The Righteous, including how you can find and kill her for The Outcast Quest.

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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous | Trailer

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous | Trailer

Who Is Kaylessa In Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous?

Kaylessa is an NPC that is part of an Act I Quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous. More specifically ‘The Outcast’ Quest, where one of the objectives is to ‘find and kill Kaylessa’. The second objective of the Quest is to talk to Forn.

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Where To Find and Kill Kaylessa

So, you’ve reached ‘The Outcast’ Quest in Act I of Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous, and you’ve been tasked with finding and killing Kaylessa by an Elf named Forn.

The official description of the quest reads, “Forn, a hunter of the servants of evil, has reported that a dangerous cultist by the name of Kaylessa is hiding in Kenabres. He described her remarkable appearance – gray hair, dark skin, and scarlet eyes – and warned just how deadly she can be in a fight”.

So, where exactly is Kaylessa?

Kaylessa can be found in Market Square, which is just south of Defender’s Heart and Lackwing Library. Open your map and enter Market Square, once the location loads players will want to head west past the burning buildings. Then, turn left down the path filled with dead bodies.

Image courtesy of Game Guides Channel.

Klaylessa can be found at the end of the path. Interact with her and go through the dialogue options until the ‘Attack’ dialogue appears, you will then have found and killed Klaylessa and completed the first objective of the quest.

For a more visual guide on completing ‘The Outcast’ quest, make sure to check out Game Guides Channel’s YouTube walkthrough.

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