Where To Find Habitat Builder In Subnautica Below Zero?

Here is how to find Habitat Builder in Subnautifca Below Zero.

May 23, 2021

Subnautica: Below Zero is a survival game where you must have the right tools to build things necessary for your missions. One such tool is the Habitat Builder which can be used to build safe houses, called Seabase.

Seabases are bases where a player can return to during underwater expeditions. This custom base helps players replenish their oxygen supply, craft various tools, and store materials, items, and other equipment.

Hence it’s important to acquire a Habitat Builder in the game.

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Find Habitat Builder Blueprint

Habitat Builder

Habitat Builder isn’t something you find readymade. You will first have to obtain the blueprints to craft a Habitat Builder In Subnautica: Below Zero.


There is a total of five fragments for Habitat Builder, but you only need to find one of them to unlock the blueprint. You can find these fragments Delta Station, Koppa Mining Site, Outpost Zero, and the Twisty Bridges biome.

Where To Find The Habitat Builder Fragments?

Here are the exact coordinates to find the fragments without much effort:

1. Delta Station

Coordinates: -250, 42, -780

2. Koppa Mining Site

Coordinates: -400, -150, -820

3. Outpost Zero

Coordinates: -80, 9, 301

4. Twisty Bridges Location

Coordinates: -245, -120, -250

Note: There are several Brute Sharks roaming around the place where the fragments are hidden. Since they are quite aggressive, wait patiently before you dive down to look for it. They are stored in capsules so you can spot them easily.

Craft Habitat Builder In Subnautica Below Zero

Scan the fragment to unlock the Habitat Builder blueprints. On examining this recipe you’d notice that the following items are required to create the tool: Computer Chip, Battery, and a Wiring Kit. Collect all these items and use the Fabricator to craft Habitat Builder.

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