Where To Find The Epicenter and White Raven In Apex Legends

Here's how to complete the final Chapter of the Old Ways, New Dawn Event in Apex Legends!

By Kyle Knight

October 6, 2021

The final chapter of the ‘Old Ways, New Dawn’ Event has arrived in Apex Legends and players have been tasked with travelling to the Epicenter to locate another White Raven.

For those struggling to complete the final piece of the puzzle and locate the Epicenter, here’s everything you need to know about interacting with that final White Raven.

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Apex Legends: Emergence Launch Trailer

Apex Legends: Emergence Launch Trailer

Apex Legends ‘Old Ways, New Dawn’ Bloodhound Event

The ‘Old Ways, New Dawn’ was an exclusive lore-based event revolving around Bloodhound in Apex Legends, the event is now coming to a close but consisted of a Prologue, 3 main chapters, and a finale.

Players were tasked with various challenges when playing as Bloodhound on World’s Edge, which is the homeland to this Legend.

The aim of the event was to inject bite size narrative pieces into Apex Legends, to further the story and lore of the game, allowing players to get even more invested into the massive Battle Royale title.

Old Ways, New Dawn was a journey that followed Bloodhound as he attempted to save an injured prowler and deal with the guilt over his crumbling homeworld and past failures.

We are now in the final chapter of the Apex Legends event, which requires player to head to the Epicenter on World’s Edge and locate the White Raven.

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Where To Find The Epicenter And White Raven In Apex Legends

It’s important to note that to complete this final challenge players MUST be playing as Bloodhound for it to work.

Once you’ve selected Bloodhound, jump into a non-ranked game of Battle Royale on World’s Edge. From there, you’ll need to drop into the POI named ‘Epicenter’, the White Raven should be located with a small yellow circle on your map. Check out an example below.

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Drop onto the yellow raven symbol and locate the White Raven, you will then be able to interact with it. The Raven will then fly away leaving a trail, follow the trail until you locate the Raven once again, repeat the process until you are greeted with a ‘Tracking Complete’ message.

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