Which Side of Santa’s List is GameStop on This Year?

on November 23, 2011 5:00 PM

Looks like somebody’s getting a lump of coal in their stocking come Christmas. Consumer Reports publishes a list every year that details which retailers (or e-tailers. Get it!?) consumers should either encourage or avoid just before Black Friday. This year’s list is out and, you guessed it, the gaming retail giant everyone loves to hate has landed itself on the “naughty” list.

“A Fortune 500 company with more than 6,500 stores worldwide, this video game software and hardware merchant has a laundry list of conditions governing returns and exchanges,” the report reads. “And in the end, GameStop proclaims, ‘We reserve the right to refuse any return.'”

Personally, I’ve never had to worry about Consumer Reports’ primary beef with GameStop because I don’t buy used games there. Hell, I’m making sure to stop by this weekend just to get Uncharted 2¬†for $15. Moral of the story: You don’t get screwed when you buy new. Not that there’s anything wrong with going used; it just requires a bit more discretion.

Thanks to GameePro for the tip.

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