Newly Formed Nuttery Studio Takes its First Shot with Whiskey ‘n’ Zombies

Newly Formed Nuttery Studio Takes its First Shot with Whiskey ‘n’ Zombies

Two veterans from the Swedish animation scene, Magnus Jansson and Erik Öhrner, announced the formation of their new company at this year’s GDC. Along with the reveal of Nuttery Entertainment, the two unveiled their first game, Whiskey ‘n’ Zombies (working title). A press release contained a little more info about the co-op experience.

You’ll be placed into the shoes of four survivors as they try and escape the undead infested American Deep South. Narrative will be a key feature of the game and will have its own engine ‘that will deliver unprecedented comedy, surprise, thrills, and of course, a whole heap of fun’.

What’s more interesting is that the heroes ‘really, really, really don’t like each other’ which will hopefully lead to some interesting story twists and maybe gameplay mechanics. Not much else was revealed about Whiskey ‘n’ Zombies other than a release date of 2017 for PC and (unannounced) consoles.

Nuttery Entertainment is also working on other, unrevealed projects in gaming and beyond. They have some VR/AR projects on the table but their focus will be ‘on animation and music-based entertainment’. Hopefully Magnus and Erik’s experience in both these fields will lend itself to some nice looking and sounding video games.

Unfortunately, all we have to go on visually for this shot of undead whiskey is just a title screen. But we’ll have more on this and other Nuttery projects as they become available.