Whisper Quietly Makes Its Way Onto Steam Greenlight

Whisper Quietly Makes Its Way Onto Steam Greenlight

Whisper is a single-player puzzle game that relies on your ears.

Whisper is a single-player puzzle game that was posted to Steam Greenlight this morning.

The game has a simple, yet interesting mechanic. It switches from a detailed art style to one that’s more simplistic. In the less detailed style, you won’t be able to see what something is, but you will be able to hear its sounds. The goal of the player is to manipulate the environment based on what things sound like.

“Whisper is a puzzle game about sound shaping our reality. Human perception is guided by visual input. We know that a tree is a tree because it looks like a tree. What if we took that away? If you hear the sound of a falling tree, but no one can see it, are you still in a forest? Knock on wood.”

Players will be able to swap different sounds between different things and therefore change how they work. For example, if something that’s wooden and something that is made of glass are switched, the now glassy object will become brittle.

Game features include:

  • A world where everything looks alike but sounds completely unique, to explore and interact.
  • World-bending puzzles with multiple solutions to challenge our preconceptions of reality.
  • Realistic and dynamic soundscape thanks to the Wwise audio engine.

You can check out the reveal trailer for Whisper below as well as some additional screenshots. You can also support Whisper on Steam Greenlight by clicking here, and if that’s not enough for you the developer has also released a demo that you can try out here.