White Day: A Labyrinth Named School on PS4 and PC is Truly Terrifying; Watch First 30-Minutes of Gameplay

DualShockers plays 30-minutes of the upcoming survival horror game: White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School was originally released on PC in 2001. The game proved to bring a unique feature to the survival horror genre as it was the first of the genre to be played in the first-person. Later, White Day received a few visual upgrades when it launched on iOS/Android devices, but never saw a true remaster until it was announced for PlayStation 4 and PC in 2015. Early this year, publisher PQube announced they will bring the game to the west for all survival horror fans to enjoy.

In White Day: A Labyrinth Named School players assume the role of Hui-min Lee, a transfer student who has just been bit by the love bug when his eyes meet So-yeong Han. During their encounter he realizes that she left her diary behind and decides to return it to her with an added gift of chocolates. Lee enters his new school at night to deliver the goods, however, this is easier said than done when he finds himself locked in. Furthermore, strange things are happening around him after he learns that the school is potentially haunted including a crazy janitor who roams the halls with a bat.

Throughout the game, Lee will face many paranormal encounters that he doesn’t quite understand. All he knows is that he must survive the night and perhaps when the love of So-yeong while he’s at it.

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School launches on PS4 and PC on August 22 in North America and August 25 in Europe.

The game features many jump scares, puzzles, and creepy music which created the best atmosphere for a great survival horror game. Below you can watch the first 30-minutes of gameplay exclusive from DualShockers, where you will see the visual upgrades as well as the updated puzzles that weren’t in the previous releases.

There were multiple scenes where I jumped and was truly scared, but on top of that I enjoyed the puzzles that you’ll see in the gameplay. It’s left to be seen what happens after this point of the game, but I’m eager to take on whatever comes next.

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