White Knight Chronicles Introduces Online System

A lot of gamers have been wondering if White Knight Chronicles will be having an online system. Well at the Tokyo Game Show, it was announced that WKC  will have an online system, and it will be glorious! Three online modes will open up after you complete chapter one, which is Geonet, Georama, and Subquests.

Geonet, simply put it, is an area where WKC players can meet up and chat before they set off on their multiplayer quests. Georama is like The Sims and Sim City put together. You can build your “Hometown”, which will be served as a lobby for online mode. There are 3 different fields to build your Georama in with 18 different combinations. This will be a 3-D experience. What is interesting is that you could invite NPC’s from the story mode to come live in your town. They all have different jobs, which will change the town further. You can shop in the shops you build, which to me I find awfully peculiar. Up to 12 people can enter a Georama at once, and from there, they all can set off to quests.

Subquests is where you could control your own avatar to do some quests once you unlock them in story mode. If you are victorious in the quests, you receive points which will help you increase your guild rank. More weapons and quests will be available for you as your rank increases. Up to 50 quests will be be available at the launch of the game. It seems good to me folks.

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