White Knight Chronicles Online Play Outlined

White Knight Chronicles Online Play Outlined

Jeff Rubenstein (Sony Social Media Manager) snagged an interview with White Knight Chronicles’  US Producer Tsubasa Inaba. In the interview, Tsubasa explains the heart of online play in WKC. He outlines the questing system as well as the guild rank system. Guild ranks will allow you to take on more daunting quests. White Knight is a game that can be played either single player or multiplayer, which is nice because you gain replay value from this.

WKC will feature a personalized online space called the GeoNet. The way that the Georama system works out is that you can customize your own town with buildings, NPCs, items, etc. Friends can even come in and take items that you procured, or vice versa. There are a lot of possibilities in this system and it is definitely something to look forward to.

In addition to online content, Jeff asks about trophies, which is a topic close to my heart. Inaba hints that there will be PlayStation Home unlockables that will be acquired by earning trophies.

White Knight Chronicles is releasing February 2, 2010. Another strong game for Sony’s 2010 lineup.

Via [PSBlog]