Who Invented Hextech In League Of Legends Arcane? What Does It Do?

The mysterious technology from Piltover!

November 8, 2021

Hextech is one of the most fascinating concepts of the animated series Arcane created by League of Legends producer Riot Games.

Those who have already familiar with the popular MOBA game LoL already have an idea of Hextech is as the game requires players to craft items using this technology to advance and upgrade their characters.

But those who have entered the League of Legends world for the first time through the series are still trying to unravel its mystery. As of now, only a few episodes of the series Arcane has been released and we are yet to see the full potential of the Hextech technology and what it can do.

In case you are wondering when you’d get to see the next episodes of League of Legends Arcane, here’s the release schedule:

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Arcane: Animated Series | A Score To Settle

Arcane: Animated Series | A Score To Settle

Who created Hextech in LoL Arcane?

The character Jayce Talis is the creator of Hextech in League of Legends Arcane. He is a brilliant inventor who dedicated several years of research to create this technology.

The idea to invent Hextech came from a past experience to Jayce. When he was a young boy, Jayce and his mother faced a near-death experience while being stuck in a deadly storm in Freljord. However, a mage appears and uses mysterious crystals fused with magic to save him and his mother’s life.

The maze uses magic to teleport both the mother and son to safety. Upon asking the wizard, how he was able to perform this feat, the man gives Jayce the crystal that was used to save their lives.

Jayce could never forget how there is a mysterious power that could save lives. So he joins the Piltover Academy to learn science and conduct experiments to harness this magical power one day.

Viktor and Jayce

In the series Arcane, a fellow scientist Viktor helps Jayce in figuring out how to stabilize the crystals and fuse them with magical energy.

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What does Hextech do in Arcane?

Until Hextech was created, it was believed that only those who are born with a natural aptitude for magic can perform supernatural feats. But that changed with Hextech technology which can fuse Elemental and Spirit magic using mechanical apparatus to create powerful artifacts. And the best part is that it can be wielded by anyone — and not just those who are born as mages.

Hextech can harness the magical power contained within extremely rare crystals, and its power is limited only by the imagination of their users. The Hextech is capable of amazing feats, ranging from powering machinery to creating beams of light capable of cutting the strongest steel.

In the first three episodes of the series, we see that a mage uses a similar magical power as Hextech to save lives and teleport people. So we can expect Jayce’s Hextech to be able to do the same in future episodes of League of Legends Arcane.

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