Who is Arishem the Judge in The Eternals, Is it Galactus? Character and Abilities Explained

Marvel's Eternals trailer just gave fans a glimpse of a powerful character to come in the movie, a being that has control over the Eternals but who is he?

By Iram Sharifah Khan

August 19, 2021

Marvel’s Eternals trailer just gave fans a glimpse of a powerful character to come in the movie, a being that has control over the Eternals but who is he?

Marvel has just dropped their final trailer for their upcoming movie, Eternals. In the trailer, Sersi (Gemma Chan) can be heard talking to Dane Whitman A.K.A. Black Knight.

She says to him” we came here 7,000 years ago, to protect humans from the deviants”. When she is asked why the Eternals didn’t help during times of desperate need she says “we were instructed not to interfere”, to which he replies “by who” and the screen cuts to a red stone looking giant god of sorts, which can be seen below at 2:51.

Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Final Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Final Trailer

Is the being in the trailer Galactus?

No, the red stone being is not Galactus nor does Galactus appear in the trailer for Eternals. The identifying factor is the way he looks being that he can be seen in comics wearing a helmet with two horns, as well as a purple and blue outfit.

Not only does his appearance separate him from the being seen in the trailer but so does his persona. Galactus is known as the ‘Devourer of Worlds’ and is outright villainous. He would not be a character with the power over the righteous Eternals.

Galactus is well known throughout the Marvel fandom as being one of the most powerful supervillains to exist, contending with the likes of Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix.

Who is Arishem the Judge?

The stone being as seen in the trailer is Arishem the Judge. He is known as the Fourth Host on Earth-616 and came with several other Celestial beings. Arishem is the ruler of four of the Eternals on earth as well as others on various planets but instead of being a saviour, he is known as ‘Killer of Planets’, due to his harsh rulings.

His first appearance was in the second issue of the Eternals comics in August 1976 and was created by Jack Kirby, as one of the most powerful hosts of the 6 hosts in total that ruled over earth’s wellbeing.

He is not a villain nor is he a superhero but has caused chaos and destruction during his reign as the fourth host and power to decide the fate of the earth, more often than not taking on an antagonistic role in Marvels comics.

What are his powers and abilities?

Arishem the Judge’s powers are more that of the celestials. He is able to manipulate reality, energy and matter. Teleport objects across time and space and has immeasurable strength and stamina.

His armour in itself is powerful, being able to withstand the impact of a planet that has shattered in front of it. Arishem is able to destroy planets using an energy blast.

He has an insanely high IQ and stands at 2000 feet high. Other powers and abilities include enhanced sight and hearing, time travel, portal creation, molecular dissipation and absorption and many more, which can be seen here.

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